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Upcoming Dates

The Hindooz will be at O’Tooles (113 Osborne St, Auburn, NY) on Friday December 2, 2011 from 9pm-midnite


Wednesday, December 14th at Oak And Vine (Springside Inn, Auburn)

please come and join in the fun.

horatio honky


Upcoming Dates For The Hindooz

November 11th @ O’Tooles (113 Osborne St, Auburn, NY), 9pm-midnite

November 13th @ Sherwood Inn (Skaneatles, NY), 4pm-7pm

November 16th @ Oak and Vine (Springside Inn, Auburn, NY), 8pm-11pm

December 2nd @ O’Tooles, 9pm-midnite

O’Tooles, Friday, October 7th, 9-midnite

The Hindooz will be at O’Tooles (113 Osborne Street, Auburn, NY) this Friday, October 7th from 9pm-midnite.

September 23rd @ O’Tooles, Auburn, NY

The Hindooz will be descending from yonder mountain to once again keep alive the Good Word of Psychedelic Honky Tonk Country and Rock n Roll.

In this age of auto-tune and american idol, the Hindooz are tenaciously dedicated to playing real, raw music with their signature swagger and hillbilly hypnotism.

The Hindooz will be hosting a hoe-down at O’Tooles (Osborne St, Auburn) on September 23rd, 9pm to midnite. O’tooles is officially the friendliest place in town so get on over there for the cold cans and warm people. See ya there.

Also, the Hindooz will be playing at the Sherwood Inn in Skaneatles, October 2nd, 2-4pm.

Do you Hindoo?